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Hi. I’m Amy.
I imagine, create, motivate, parent, photograph, write, slay and sparkle.
I love coffee, carbs, glitter, makeup, unicorns, the color pink and the magic of new beginnings.
I am a proud single mother and motivated “GLOW Getter”, with a passion to elevate myself and everyone around me from the inside out. I am also a completely self-taught photographer and small business owner on Long Island.

For as long as I can remember, I’ve always been helping people discover their inner glitter, whether it be in my photography or in my writing. My passion is to capture souls, not smiles, and create content that is engaging, authentic and unapologetic.

My photography has been featured in several publications but it is the non-traditional way I use social media that prompted me to enter a submission. I creatively incorporate my photography into my social media platforms allowing me to create content that is engaging and thought provoking, and not just a display of photographs that really don’t “speak” to my audience. My Instagram following, which is just shy of 2K is 100% organic as I have never “purchased” any followers.

I’m submitting for “Best Social Media Presence” because I feel my platforms as a whole are truly unique. Rather than “push” my photography, or simply post photo after photo, I allow my content, copy and creativity to showcase my product. I incorporate my photos into uplifting messages and in turn, garner a following and “book” clients in a very unconventional way.

I’m currently working on the launch of my brand new website,, where my photography will be showcased as well as the other avenues I currently pursue including writing and influencing.

Thank you for considering my submission and best of luck to you!

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A Long Island Business News Event in collaboration with Vertigo Media Group.