CTRL – A Meal Replacement

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Company Name: Paper Crowns

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Product / Service Featured: Strategic Communications - Product Launch


This has been my baby for the year of 2019. This is going to be a product that launched the 2nd week of June called CTRL, that stands for Catered to Real Life. This will be a meal replacement that is catered to individuals on the go or people who remain sedentary for long periods of time and need to take care of there proper nutrition habits. This product is launching into the gaming industry and will be backed and owned by some of the largest influencers on the internet today. I’m including the PDF of the project and the breakdown that went with it. If you would like me to link the website and some of the creative behind this, I gladly can. This will be a product scaling to 50 million in product sold within 3 years.

Project URL: Click Here
A Long Island Business News Event in collaboration with Vertigo Media Group.