CyZen, LLC Webite Launch and Rebrand

Category: Website

Company Name: Friedman LLP

Client Name: CyZen, LLC

Product / Service Featured: Cyber Security Services


Technology is a vehicle for self-expression, connection and pushing the boundaries of possibility forward. As it becomes increasingly interwoven with our personal lives, we must remember that people are the nucleus.

In March 2019, Friedman LLP— a top-40 accounting and advisory firm with offices in Uniondale and Manhattan as well as other locations throughout the Northeast and China—rebranded it’s cybersecurity division, CyZen, which launched in 2017. In addition to the rebrand, a new website developed that speaks to CyZen’s mission of bringing peace of mind to a marketplace saturated with fear. This unique approach, embodied in the CyZen name — “cybersecurity + zen”— is a key element brought to life through the design and development of the website.

From bold imagery that fuses nature with human experience to a logo that incorporates the ensō, or “circle of light,” CyZen’s easily navigable website is a go-to destination for those seeking an enlightened approach to cybersecurity.

Our goal was to design and develop an impactful, standalone website for this division that establishes a competitive online presence, uniquely reflects the division’s brand promise, and serves as a platform for sharing thought leadership and generating leads.

In one month following the site launch, it garnered:
● 2 potential business leads with combined estimated fees in excess of $150,000
● 3,243 page views—a 383% increase over the number of views that CyZen-related pages received on the Friedman site during same timeframe last year; and a 562% increase over the average monthly views in 2018

Throughout the website design process, it was imperative that the website promote CyZen as a leading cybersecurity firm with an authoritative voice in the industry. This was achieved on the site by highlighting the brand’s industry experience, key differentiators, its people-centric approach, and custom-driven solutions. Building on the foundation of the CyZen name and its mission to bring peace of mind, stunning nature-centric imagery and a nature toned color palette (including moss green, sky blue, and warm orange) were selected to reflect the brand’s visual identity and were incorporated throughout the site.
Leveraging the advantage of being part of top-40 accounting and advisory firm, CyZen’s affiliation with Friedman is featured on the site and in its visual brand identity. The new logo prominently and strategically incorporates “Powered by Friedman” and the CyZen tagline, “Your security, enlightened,” purposefully mirrors Friedman’s tagline of “Your livelihood, empowered”. In addition “A Friedman LLP Company” is prominently displayed on all assets.
During the development of the website, there was a strategic approach to guide site visitors through the customer journey with engaging content and calls to action. The site further supports the sales process by integrating with third-party systems (Salesforce, social media channels, and Google Analytics. Hubspot to be added later in 2019).
The final outcome of the project was an elevated design and overall remarkable website that now positions the CyZen brand as a leader in the cybersecurity space. Results of the project include a:
● Refreshed brand identity and logo
● Clean, clear, and elevated tone of voice for the brand
● New standalone web presence for CyZen,, launched on March 25, 2019, that is harmonious with parent company Friedman LLP
● Responsive, modern, easily-navigable and informative site providing visitors with a positive user experience offering: a comprehensive menu of services and industries served; a wide array of valuable resources, news, and events; an understanding of CyZen’s purpose and values and the “CyZen difference”
● Lead generating tool that helps guide site visitors through the customer journey

Project URL: Click Here
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