#OWMade Day in the Life

Category: Web Video

Company Name: SUNY College at Old Westbury

Client Name: SUNY College at Old Westbury

Product / Service Featured: Recruitment Series Highlights Unique SUNY Old Westbury Students


Created short student vignettes that express the unique spirit, experiences, and stories of a SUNY Old Westbury student. Each video encapsulates a particular students’ experience as told through a “day in the life” and aims to relate these experiences, opportunities, and personal and professional achievements to the goals and interests of prospective students.

Developed seven unique student videos highlighting different aspects of an Old Westbury students including a resident, commuter, single mother, accounting student, biological sciences researcher, student teacher, first-generation college student, and more.

Videos distributed to thousands of prospective students and families via social media and email customer relationship management system

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A Long Island Business News Event in collaboration with Vertigo Media Group.