#OWMade My Day

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Company Name: SUNY Old Westbury

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Product / Service Featured: Student Instagram Takeovers


#OWMade My Day student takeovers give fellow SUNY Old Westbury students, prospective students, alumni, and the community a chance to hear the voices of authentic Old Westbury students through the SUNY Old Westbury Instagram platform. The goal was to express student testimonies through their own narratives and voice, without moderation from the administration.

Student takeover stories and posts perform well above account average for engagement. On average, Student takeover stories received 45% more impressions than other stories in the month of March. Similarly, Student takeover stories from April received on average 30% more impressions than other stories from that month.

In March, our student takeover by Josselin ranked number one in rate of engagement for our feed posts. Two student takeover posts currently rank in the top six posts for engagement for the entire year.

Student takeover content ranks higher than average in generating profile visits to the account in relation to other posts, and on average are 130% percent more successful at generating profile visits than other posts.

Increased Instagram following by 245 followers since campaign creation (well above month-to-month average gains).

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A Long Island Business News Event in collaboration with Vertigo Media Group.