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About The Client:

Quantamize is a financial tech company that helps retail investors around the globe discover their next big investment across stocks, ETFs, options & cryptos using quantitative investing research powered by AI & Machine Learning. The site analyzes over 25,000 global stocks, ETFs, options & crypto providing users with top investment picks. Before Quantamize this technology was available to only the top hedge funds in the world. For the first time, it is free to everyone.

The Mission:

Quantamize was well positioned in the market with a strong mission statement and a disruptive business model; however, the clunky user experience was quickly causing the start-up to lose traction in the market space. The users expressed frustration with the overall product experience citing it hard to navigate while the design cheapened the Quantamize brand. The Mission Disrupt team would be tasked with turning around the platform, implementing a design that would increase product trust, conversion rate & overall platform engagement.

The Solution:

Our team began a one-month research process that included user interviews, analytics & behavioral analysis as well as market research within the FinTech field to prepare us for a UX overhaul of their platform.

We decided that the design approach needed to be focused on simplifying the layout while ensuring that user engagement was driven by data that could help them quickly discover top investment picks.

The first change we made was implementing a sidebar navigation menu. This made it easy for users to see all of the product offerings without clicking into a traditional drop-down product menu. We then created an overview page for users that organized Quantamize products into “Discover, Research & Track” helping users understand the function of each product.

Discovery was a huge part of the Quantamize platform; users had previously complained it was not easy to stumble upon investment opportunities across investment classes. Our team created custom modules within an overview page that gave users the sneak peek of top 5 buys/sells across each asset class (like stocks, ETFs, options, and cryptos).

Further building out this idea we improved the speed of showcasing investing data by creating asset focused overview pages putting the top recommendations of each sub-product all into one page, helping peak user discoverability of new opportunities.

Investment research platforms by nature have a lot of data points, thus making the systems more complex. We decided to integrate third-party tools that educated users through interactive & video tutorials. Automated chatbots were also configured to help facilitate new investment ideas and help desk questions.

The Big Result:

Mission Disrupt was hired with the understanding that we would increase bottom-line performance for the company, here’s how we stacked up In the last three months compared to the three-month prior to launching our newly revamped dashboard UI.

362.36% Increase in conversion
436.36% Increase in 28 day active users
344.71% Increase In returning users

Work on a digital platform never stops, since the launch of the new platform, our team has continued our work with A/B testing & marketing initiatives designed to increase conversion.

Since Launching The Quantamize Platform Has Been Featured In:
The Wall Street Journal

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