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Company Name: Lessing's Hospitality Group

Client Name: Lessing's Hospitality Group

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Company: Lessing’s Hospitality Group
Campaign Name: #SkipTheStraw
Date: August 2018 – Current

To drive awareness that single-use plastics are harming the environment and that Lessing’s restaurants are helping the cause by changing our straws to biodegradable paper straws, available upon request only.

Created video and photo content to post on our individual restaurant social media pages, encompassing over 140,000 followers. Utilizing professional cameras and video editing programs, our social media and graphic design teams were able to capture beautiful imagery that resulted in a cohesive message and perfect branding.

The campaign was followed up with our company wide Beach Cleanup at Gilgo Beach on the South Shore of Long Island. Food Instagram Influencers were invited to take part in the cleanup initiative, and then join us back at Maxwell’s restaurant in Islip for lunch and cocktails featuring Naked Turtle White Rum. Every bottle of Naked Turtle sold, saves a sea turtle’s life. Placing Naked Turtle on our drink menus further cemented our efforts to help make the earth a cleaner place. Each restaurant offers a craft cocktail, unique to each location featuring Naked Turtle White Rum.

Customers were driven into the stores and were specifically talking about the #SkipTheStraw campaign. Employees were excited to be promoting something that was important to them. Our restaurants are located in coastal communities which prompted increased local resident visits due to supporting a cause that “hit’s close to home.”

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A Long Island Business News Event in collaboration with Vertigo Media Group.