You don’t know Jack

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Company Name: MonoSystems, Inc.

Client Name: MonoSystems, Inc.

Product / Service Featured: Direct


For 45 years MonoSystems, a manufacturer of wire and cable management, sold its products though electrical distributor. 7 years ago, MonoSystems decided to sell its products direct to the electrical contractor. The decision was made to offer better, faster service than that which is available from the electrical distributor. Product innovation became a key driver of our brand.

We adopted Jack (pun intended) as our mascot when we went direct. In essence he is MonoSystems. He allows us to tell our customers that we are a loyal partner in their efforts to win more business. We remind those who continue to pay more, and get less from the electrical distributor, that if they’re still buying from the electrical distributor, “They Don’t Know Jack”. It’s irreverent, and humorous to our audience. They completely relate to the concept since there are very real hardships when buying through electrical distributors.

Our entry highlights a series of emails campaigns and social media banner ads (LinkedIn, Facebook). On LinkedIn, we post in nearly 25 different LinkedIn Groups involved in the Electrical industry including electrical engineers and electrical contractors. We post and Boost ads via Facebook weekly. The campaign has allowed us to build an impressive industry database of contacts. The database started with 1500 contacts – we now have over 42,000 email contacts in our database directly attributed to these campaigns. For a niche industry, that’s consider a huge success.

As a promotion for the campaign, we have been sending out “You Don’t Know Jack” coffee mugs and can coolers as a reminder to come to MonoSystems when when in need of wire management products quotations. The response has been overwhelming. We’ve sent out thousands of the mugs and can coolers, at zero cost to the customer. We often get notes of thanks sent via email, requests for more, and posts on social media discussions. Now, when we sell to a contractor, we often hear, “Now I Know Jack”. Hopefully, now you know Jack too.

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